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Reverse Engineered

Valuable tips from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts designed to help you grow your business.

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Lloyed Lobo

Lloyed LoboLloyed Lobo Why Creating Big Societal Impact Makes Your Business More Worthwhile

Co-founder of and Traction shares that the secret to a worthwhile and everlasting company is to focus on creating a big impact.
48 minutes
Reverse Engineered Douglas Hanna

Douglas HannaDouglas Hanna How To Scale Operations in Fast-Growing Companies

Some entrepreneurs feel like everything is constantly on fire. Douglas Hanna, COO at Grafana Labs, is no stranger to that.
48 minutes
Casey Graham's cover image

Casey GrahamCasey Graham How to Figure Out Your Owner’s Intent

Casey Graham, Founder & CEO of Gravy, believes you need to know your 'owner's intent' if you want to thrive.
46 minutes
Tehsin Bhayani's cover image

Tehsin BhayaniTehsin Bhayani Why This Agency Pivoted From a Service Company to a Product Company

Learn how Tehsin Bhayani rose to the challenge with Serind Labs, and how an unexpected twist of fate with AirMason changed his path.
43 minutes
Emeric Ernoult's cover image

Emeric ErnoultEmeric Ernoult Why Being Unique Will Grow Your Company More Than Being The Best

Agorapulse CEO Emeric Ernoult has been through all the challenges an entrepreneur can face and shares his learnings in this episode.
38 minutes
Kristen Wiley's cover image

Kristen WileyKristen Wiley How Influencer Marketing Affects Purchasing Decisions

Kristen Wiley is the CEO of Statusphere, a multi-million dollar C2C marketing platform that helps audiences discover brands from people they trust.
30 minutes
Aleyda Solis' cover image

Aleyda SolisAleyda Solis How a Frontend Developer Became an Internationally Renowned SEO Specialist

After being continuously asked by clients how to get more traffic to their site, Aleyda stumbled into the world of SEO and the rest is history.
45 minutes
Ilma Tiki's cover image

Ilma TikiIlma Tiki How to Grow a Successful Remote-First Mindset in Your Company

You can't expect to create a fully operational remote culture overnight. Ilma Tiki, CEO of The Remote Company, tells us how to build one. Tune in!
46 minutes
Ryan Robinson's cover image

Ryan RobinsonRyan Robinson How This Blogger Grew a 6-Figure Blog Business

Ryan’s success didn’t come overnight. Tune in to hear more about ways to monetize your blog, what it takes to grow your business, and much more!
48 minutes
Maddy Osman's cover image

Maddy OsmanMaddy Osman How This Entrepreneur Went From Being a Freelancer to an Agency Owner

Founder at The Blogsmith, Maddy Osman shares her journey from freelancer to running an SEO content agency that lands clients like Adobe, HubSpot, &…
60 minutes
Giorgia Lupi's cover image

Giorgia LupiGiorgia Lupi How to Make Data More Human

Pentagram Partner Giorgia Lupi shares her journey to transforming data into meaningful visual assets for some of the biggest companies in the world.
59 minutes
Brad Miller's cover image

Brad MillerBrad Miller Creating Great Culture Is Key to Business Growth

Brad Miller is Vice President of New Client Strategy at 10up, a company that has almost doubled in size since he first joined.
48 minutes

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Reverse Engineered is Kinsta’s podcast on all things business and tech. If you're aspiring to learn something new and gain insight into how to grow yourself and your business, then you’ve come to the right place. Join us every two weeks to hear successful entrepreneurs and industry experts break down the steps, challenges, and successes that took their companies to where they are today.

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Jon Penland

COO at Kinsta

Since joining in 2016, he’s worn several hats including Writer, Support Engineer, and Head of Sales and Support, and has watched Kinsta grow from a small but mighty team of 15 to the expert 270+ team it is today. His professional interests lie in remote work and scaling distributed companies.

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